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I have and will continue to recommend DAX Systems to anybody in need of a high-reliability telecom platform. If you are reading this, you've already taken the first step toward providing your users with a better solution.

Pat Collins

Iron Media

DAX has provided us with many well-crafted, reliable servers at a great price over many years. Our technicians regularly remark about the ease of installation, the attention to detail and the fabulous support. We truly value the wonderful service we've received.

Louis Hansell

Telephone Intelligence, Inc.

I've been in the customer service for a long time. From an operations perspective, being able to pickup the phone and call someone and have someone assist you with what you need is one of the main factors. I cannot call Dell or HP and, if I do, I get someone that isn't even in the US. So response and access, along with product, I would say are the main reasons.

Barbara King


We had a desperate need to secure a new server vendor. It was predicated on Avaya stopping direct support on the servers that they..branded so we were really looking for someone that had Avaya experience and someone that we could count on and I felt close to proximity was a benefit as well. It was just a good match and we kind of just took off from there.

Derek Gray

Carousel Industries

We had a few issues with a new vendor, couldn't get Dialogic boards to work and after 2-3 servers we gave up on them. So that's when we came to you guys and the first few servers worked great for us so we started using you, we started using DAX.

Jose Medina

Technology For Business